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San Nicolás del Real Camino

The first evidence of San Nicolás’ existence dates back from the 12th Century; even though probably the village existed before that time; however, the only information we have available dates back from 1195, the year in which a document testified to the existence of a lepers’ hospital in our village.

The aforementioned hospital was founded by Mr Tello Pérez de Meneses, who had great influence at that time, and he entrusted its management to the Santa María de Trianos’ Saint Augustine Order monks.

Albergueria LaganaresThe hospital Looked after 13 lepers and also Santiago route pilgrims, it was a Trianos’ monastery priory, but it gradually became more important than the monastery itself, it had many lands and properties in the region and several mills in the area, they had jurisdictions from King Alfonso VI and its economy was supported thanks to the lands and donations from people who had influence in the Castilian society of the time.

At present, there is no building which reminds us of the existence of the aforementioned hospital; however, people say there is a column in the village’s cemetery which could be a vestige of the aforementioned building.

There was also a Templar church which, unfortunately, disappeared; the current church dates back from the 13th Century; there, a beautiful baroque style altarpiece can be admired.

Albergueria LaganaresThe documents which attest to this story can be found in the National Library, Clergy section, folders 1737 to 1739.

There is also research conducted and written about by Mr Guillermo Castán Lanaspa concerning the aforementioned hospital.

Pictures of the village

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